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More than 60 years dedicated to manufacturing the widest range of cheeses

We are a dairy industry with a professional trajectory of more than 60 years, dedicated to manufacturing a wide range of cheeses and goat curd from dairy curdling.

Our factory is situated in Piedrabuena 25 km from Ciudad Real, in an exceptional environment, ideal for the location of livestock farms because of the quality of raw materials, due to short cycle and nutritionally rich pastures. This gives the milk a higher quality, which is of course transmitted to the final product: THE CHEESE.

Our modern facilities, equipped with the latest technology, have a great production capacity, homologation by the E.U. and exhaustive sanitary controls, which ensure that our cheeses are in demand because of their quality in a large part of Europewhere we are currently exporting to, as well as to other countries in the rest of the world.

A bit about our history

In the 60s… in La Mancha,

in an exceptional environment, Francisco Saínz began to make cheese from his own Manchegan sheep farm. From that day to the present, technology and facilities have advanced greatly but we continue to make our cheese with the same enthusiasm and dedication, using traditional methods from that time and collecting fresh milk from livestock farms daily, in order to be able to offer our clients the best cheese imaginable.


we manufacture a wide and exquisite range of cheeses as can be seen in this catalogue, to cater for every demand of the national and international market, where we send many of our products. Our factory has a great production capacity, it is modern, dynamic and we are always innovating and bringing new products to the market, but without forfeiting tradition in manufacturing methods and always giving our cheeses the highest quality.

The quality of our products is guaranteed by the strictest controls

We are certified in IFS and BRC,

which are the most demanding certifications that international markets request, because of their rigorous health and safety controls. In this way, we can showcase and sell our products anywhere in the world with the highest guarantee of quality and food safety.

Our products

Nuestras cremas


Queso Manchego D.O.P.


Quesos de cabra


Quesos de Oveja


Quesos Ibéricos


Quesos Mezcla


Surtidos y Packs



Our factory

Our cutting edge facilities, offering great production capacity, together with the high quality of our products guaranteed by the E.E.C., make our cheese a highly demanded product in a large part of Europe, as well as in other countries in the world.